Brad Rambur


Digital Transformation & Cyber Security

Brad Rambur is a Principal and leader in Northwest Harbor’s Digital Transformation Practice. Brad brings over 25 years of leadership experience to the Northwest Harbor Team, with deep expertise helping individual leaders and organizations better understand how they can leverage technology as a force amplifier to maximize alignment of their people and teams to their mission.

He has held executive positions in numerous companies ranging from technology start-ups to Silicon Valley Fortune 500’s: driving innovation and digital transformation efforts by creating, developing, deploying and securing force-amplifying technology platforms to accelerate company performance and better secure company and customer data. Brad’s executive career includes senior positions at Teradata, Intuit, PwC, and SAIC/Leidos. He is also an experienced systems and security architect, with a robust patent portfolio that includes numerous U.S. and international patents.

Brad currently sits on the Advisory Boards of the San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence, LeoCyberSecurity and Aria Technology Corp. He holds a BS in Finance from San Diego State University and is a graduate of their Business Professionals Course. Brad is also a pilot and award-winning musician, and lives in San Diego with his family.