Emergent Strategies
Identify Your Strengths and Differentiators to
Thrive in the New Business Reality

Wide-spread crises have changed the business landscape. Static companies will decay in the new economy while self-aware and adaptive companies will become the change-makers in the new business reality.


The 9/11 crisis and follow-on global conflict exposed failures in SEAL Team performance. Tactically we were exceptional, but we were under-performing strategically, failing to align the full enterprise behind the mission in real-time. We leveraged the chaotic and disruptive environment to transform and pressure-test our operations. What resulted was a far more agile and resilient organization focused on high-performance, intense collaboration and inclusion of both diversity and diverse specialties - enabling us to thrive on the global battlefield.


The current crises present leadership teams with the same opportunity to identify their strengths and differentiators, and seize the opportunity to thrive in the new business reality. Northwest Harbor's team of experienced global leaders will help your organization:

Pivot. Align. Execute. Learn. Rebuild - As a Team.

We have extensive experience learning and leading through crisis. We will show you how to

not only survive - but thrive.

We're Here to Help.


Lead your team through this unprecedented time, maintaining culture and vision on the new playing field


Fine-tune communication and decision-making to ensure you learn, adapt and execute together