Adversity Offers Opportunity

Start Building a More Resilient and Agile Organization

Balancing the needs of your business, team and customers tests even the best leaders under normal circumstances. Of course, these aren’t normal circumstances.

The COVID-19 crisis and wide-spread civil unrest have changed the business landscape. Static companies will decay in the new economy while resilient companies who seize opportunities to

innovate and adapt will thrive in the new reality.

The Opportunity:
A Pivotal Time For Change

Just as the current crises have changed history, so did September 11, 2001. After 9/11, we had to rapidly transform our operations across the 10,000-person SEAL Team enterprise, while at the same time fighting on the front lines of the most-sustained and disruptive war in our history. We constantly learned and adapted - creating a more agile, higher performing and resilient organization.

Northwest Harbor Advisors designed and led much of that transformation. We learned and led through crisis, continually refining and improving our elite organization at the individual, team and enterprise level.

Today's current crises offer leadership teams the same opportunity to build more resilient organizations

who will thrive in the new business reality.

We have extensive experience learning and leading through crisis. We will show you how to

not only survive - but thrive.

We're Here to Help.


Lead your team through this unprecedented time, maintaining culture and vision on the new playing field



Identify your strengths and differentiators to thrive in the new business reality


Fine-tune communication and decision-making to ensure you learn, adapt and execute together