Workforce Realignment
Fine-Tune Communication and Decision-Making to Ensure You Learn, Adapt and Execute Together

The COVID-19 crisis and wide-spread civil unrest have changed the business landscape, and old processes to align teams will not be effective in the new business environment. As the economy continues to emerge from dormancy, leaders must be prepared to redeploy and leverage their workforce in new novel ways to rapidly synchronize new strategies to execution - and accomplish the mission.

The Northwest Harbor Team has deep experience getting the very best performance out of people and teams, while at the same time leading and evolving those elite organizations through crisis. We will help you prepare and engage your people to attack this current crisis, and thrive as a team:

Ensure more robust communication

Empower faster decision-making

Capture lessons-learned

Learn, adapt, rebuild and thrive together

We have extensive experience learning and leading through crisis. We will show you how to

not only survive - but thrive.

We're Here to Help.


Lead your team through this unprecedented time, maintaining culture and vision on the new playing field



Identify your strengths and differentiators to thrive in the new business reality