A Change Leadership Consultancy that's Reimagining Performance and Strategy Execution in the Business World

Advisors With Experience Creating and

Leading The Highest-Performing

Global Organizations

Who We Are:

Northwest Harbor is a bespoke consulting firm specializing in leadership and strategic-level

change management - specifically Change Leadership.


What We Do:

We help companies effectively navigate large-scale change efforts, and better execute against their goals and strategies.


How We Do It:

We use our own proven, proprietary systems that better align the whole organization to strategy, and creates more agile, resilient and effective teams.


Why We're Different:

We bring experience - not theory. We're a unique team of career Special Operations and corporate executives with real, hands-on experience leading innovation and transformation efforts in some of the world's most elite organizations.

Northwest Harbor Solutions, LLC is a Change Leadership consultancy, founded with the mission of bringing the game-changing leadership best practices of Special Operations to the business world – to change the corporate landscape by helping business leaders effectively navigate transformational change and accelerate performance by better aligning their people and teams to their mission.

The Northwest Harbor team of Advisors is a unique group of innovative and experienced career Navy SEAL leaders, combined with seasoned, career corporate executives. We have led at multiple levels within the SEAL enterprise and run businesses and corporations - from start-up to global in scale. We are leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who consistently challenged conventional wisdom in our fields and consistently positioned ourselves as drivers to create needed change. We effectively crafted strategic visions, and constructed and led new programs and organizations - breathing life into innovative and groundbreaking capabilities. We left a lasting impact on United States Special Operations' capability, and we have set industry best-practices inside the U.S. government and in the corporate world.


Northwest Harbor is a team of career Navy SEAL and corporate executives with real experience building and leading the highest performing global, no-fail organizations. We are a team of experienced enterprise leaders who consistently attacked our organization’s toughest challenges. We are leaders who consistently won.


The Northwest Harbor Difference


Special Operations Ethos

Our core Advisors bring decades of unmatched innovation, global problem solving ability and world-class leadership experience - from the strategic level to the front lines.


Our functional area experts bring decades of executive-level business acumen, with experience running all sizes of businesses - from start-up to global in scale.

Industry Expertise

We focus on strategy, execution and teamwork to drive innovation, growth and productivity.

Experienced Advisors

A collection of career U.S. Navy SEAL and corporate executives - Advisors with real experience creating, building and leading the highest performing global organizations.


Game-Changing Engagements

Proven solutions that enable companies to Execute Strategy, Manage Transformational Change, Increase Performance and

Achieve Breakthrough Growth.


Proven Values

Passionate about building and aligning high-performing teams - we maintain a conspicuous pursuit of perfection in adhering to our Core Values of Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation and Excellence.

Our Core Values
Values That Drive Performance and Execution


We maintain a conspicuous pursuit of perfection in adhering to our Core Values of Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation and Excellence.



We build "business-partner" relationships with our clients, bringing decades of full-spectrum Special Operations and executive-level industry experience to every engagement.



We have decades of experience creating cutting-edge capabilities to meet strategic requirements. We have decades of experience as leaders and innovators who have learned - through experience - the hard-fought lessons and importance of synergizing efforts across all functional areas to create the highest-performing organizations.



We understand the importance of creating a culture that fosters innovation, creativity, and adaptability - increasing performance and execution through ethical, dynamic leadership, robust communication and empowered decision making across the entire enterprise.