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The Northwest Harbor Story


A unique training facility sits on the rocky north end of San Clemente Island. Resting on the shore below a steep cliff and surrounded by the frigid waters of the Pacific Ocean, this facility is rich in history and hosts the capstone of the toughest military training in the world. Since the early days of the Navy SEALs, inspired trainees have completed the last five weeks of the grueling SEAL training at this place. Here, trainees learn to synergize the epitome of drive and teamwork, innovation and creativity, detailed planning and precise execution, thorough communication and most importantly, world-class leadership. This place is about excellence. This place is about the Team. This place is about winning. This place is called - Northwest Harbor.

The founders of Northwest Harbor Solutions have extensive experience building, organizing, and leading the highest performing teams. We are career Navy SEALs who have led hundreds of Special Operations missions around the globe and served as commanders, innovators, and educators at all levels within the SEAL community. We were also instrumental in transforming the SEAL Teams as the 10k-person enterprise evolved in the global fight against terror. We dramatically overhauled recruiting and selection programs, created fused operations-intelligence education methodology, created and employed first-ever capabilities for the nation’s special operations forces, and created and led new SEAL organizations from the ground up. We firmly established ourselves as special operations entrepreneurs and won multiple nation-level awards for Innovation in the Defense Industry. We also learned a critical lesson – the power and effectiveness of leveraging the disparate expertise that resides in any system, and the value of synergizing efforts across organizations to dramatically amplify overall performance. This lesson learned – this now, Special Operations best practice – has proven critically effective on the battlefield, and it is just as game-changing in the boardroom.

Northwest Harbor was founded with the mission of bringing the game-changing leadership best practices of Special Operations to the business world – to change the corporate landscape by helping business leaders effectively navigate transformational change and accelerate performance by better aligning their people and teams to their mission.

The Northwest Harbor team of Advisors is a unique group of innovative and experienced career Navy SEALs, combined with seasoned, career corporate executives.  We have led at multiple levels within the SEAL enterprise and run businesses and corporations - from start-up to global in scale. We are leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who consistently challenged conventional wisdom in our fields and consistently positioned ourselves as drivers to create needed change. We effectively crafted strategic visions and physically constructed new products, education programs, and organizations - breathing life into innovative and groundbreaking capabilities. We left lasting impact on United States Special Operations capability, and we have set industry best practices inside the U.S. government and in the corporate world. We consistently attacked our organization’s toughest challenges – and we consistently won. And - we did all this by leveraging, harnessing, educating, and leading the greatest asset at our disposal – our people.

Northwest Harbor is redefining Performance and Strategy Execution in the business world with a design-driven approach we applied while transforming the Navy SEAL Enterprise - changing the corporate landscape by helping business leaders manage change and radically improve performance across their organizations by better aligning their people and teams to their strategy.


Whether you're executing strategy, managing transformational change, trying to increase performance or achieve breakthrough growth – Northwest Harbor has the solution.

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