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Social Responsibility

Continuing Our Passion for Service

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Work

Making Schools Safer For Our Children

Unfortunately, we live in an age where we are increasingly concerned with the safety of our children's schools. Regardless of which city, state or community we live, it’s absolutely vital for schools to plan for and implement effective crisis action planning, and still maintain a warm and effective learning environment for our children. From school boards to school principals, this is a new, rapidly accelerating challenge.

At Northwest Harbor, we are passionate about service and passionate about making schools safer for our children! We give back to the community, providing time and expertise to implement real, effective crisis action planning and staff leadership development solutions to ensure every child is afforded the safest, most enriching learning environment possible!

Northwest Harbor is uniquely positioned to provide schools with cutting-edge crisis action planning and risk mitigation best practices. Our core Northwest Harbor Advisors are recognized subject matter experts with extensive experience in the fields of crisis action planning, counter terrorism, and high-threat facility and personnel protection. With decades of U.S. Special Operations and intelligence community experience as leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, we have created some of the nation’s most cutting-edge risk mitigation capabilities while meeting national-level strategic requirements.

At Northwest Harbor, our crisis action planning solutions move far beyond standard practice.


We synergize physical security best practices with our core solutions of leadership development and alignment of the organization to the mission. We understand that organizational culture, dynamic leadership, and robust communication across the entire organization are just as critical to crafting an effective crisis action program. We partner with schools to dramatically increase their situational awareness, communication and decision-making abilities – providing real, proven solutions to keep our children safe.



Our Approach



We partner with schools and districts to conduct a rigorous discovery of their needs and craft detailed assessments of their crisis action planning challenges.



We identify game-changing solutions that synergize cutting-edge physical security best practices with leadership development at all levels to help our clients increase staff performance before, during and after a crisis event.


We continue the partner relationship, providing critical support and guidance

throughout the implementation process.


We deliver results, empower people, and give back to the community: doing our part to try and keep our children safe!

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