The Challenge
Companies of all Sizes Struggle with Executing
Strategy and Managing Change

Organizations that don’t seek innovation and improvement stagnate, and are eventually outperformed by their competitors. Yet, implementing new strategies to drive that innovation and improvement require risk and change – and change and risk are disruptive, creating frustration and fear of the unknown. Effective strategy execution is the backbone of any organization, and with 70% of strategy efforts failing in execution, it is the most complex challenge facing the management team. To succeed, senior executives have to align their entire organization behind their strategic vision, harnessing the entirety of their talent and resources across all functional areas. And, they have to do this faster than their competitors.

Northwest Harbor partners with our clients to help them navigate their strategic change management challenges – driving effective performance and execution, and achieving breakthrough growth.

Why Companies Come to NWH
Proven Experience Transforming the World's
Most Elite Organizations

Northwest Harbor Advisors have decades of experience creating cutting-edge capabilities and building high-performing organizations to meet national-level strategic requirements. We are experienced leaders, innovators, and Special Operations entrepreneurs who have learned - through experience - the hard fought lessons and importance of constant alignment of people and teams to the mission. We understand the importance of synergizing efforts across all functional areas, and we understand that creating an organizational culture that fosters innovation, creativity, and adaptability drives overall performance - and ultimately growth.


At Northwest Harbor, we leverage our proven ability to expertly bridge the gap between strategic vision and effective implementation - partnering with our clients to help them rapidly achieve executional excellence.

Through our design-driven approach to managing change and executing strategy, your company can: optimize execution, navigate transformational change, drive organizational performance and achieve breakthrough growth.


Whether You're Trying to:

Execute Strategy

Manage Transformational Change

Increase Performance

Achieve Breakthrough Growth

Northwest Harbor has the Solution.